creating products in chaos.

It is not enough to say that every detail count. How to consider each detail? Is each detail itself enough? Under each detail live worlds - entire branches of reality. We may want to pursue each of these worlds and handle every of their problems.

Where does it stop? A fractal model tell us it can repeat indefinitely, repeating itself with the same information, over and over with the same signal. A Mandelbrot set suggests it never stops: each frontier of the set adds new information at every level you consider. The signal may seems familiar, it may contains know patterns. However each add new information - add signal value. It cannot be easily predicted without. No step is really known without the previous. You must follow the process: walk each step to get to the next.

We base our work on the assumption that creating products and software is a walk in a Mandelbrot set. To create a new product and a new world is to take each step to get to this world. Each step provides data you need to go to the next one. Without following the process, there is no chance but to get lost in your walk in chaos.

Creating a product with us is engaging in a learning process. This walk in the chaos of software development, user experience and investors expectations is to get the maximum information with the least energy and time. Better to go steadily on the path than jumping too fast in the dark.

Following the Mandelbro process,
each iteration of a product,
either a Proof of Concept or a production-scale version,
can expand itself as a fractal border,
to create a new reality
— new worlds to pursue.